Šiaulių Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijos studijų kokybė

The College has created, is implementing and continually improving a quality management system. It is aimed to perform the activities better and more successfully and increase stakeholder satisfaction. Implementing the quality management system the College follows the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area as well as the best practice of other higher education institutions. Every member of the College community is involved into the processes of quality monitoring, evaluation and ensuring.

The obligation of the Northern Lithuania College to ensure the study quality is defined in the College missionto perform qualitative and practical higher education studies, oriented to the needs of the learners and society and applied research development.

An external review is conducted pursuant to the Law on Research and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 2009, No 54-2140). Once in at least six years, the Ministry of Education and Science initiates an external review of each institution of higher education. The external review is organized by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

The external review shall cover all the activity areas designated in the institution’s statute and shall be based on the following criteria: compliance with the mission stated in the statute, conformity with the international research and studies standards; compliance with the requirements for the assessment of learning outcomes; compliance with the requirements for academic ethics and procedures; effectiveness and efficiency of the use of the State Budget appropriations; and cross compliance with legal requirements.

The aim of the external review shall be to create prerequisites for the improvement of the higher education institution’s activities, to promote its culture of quality, to present recommendations for the development of the higher education institution’s activities.

Northern Lithuania College submitted the Self-Evaluation Report to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on the 17th of June, 2014. The group of international experts will visit the College on the 30th of September, 2014.