Lecturers | Northern Lithuania College

Northern Lithuania College welcomes you in Lithuania for:

Filled documents should be sent to International Relations and Projects department and by post (if required).

Scientific fields of the academicians are expected to be in Social Sciences (Business Management, Event Business Management, Law, and Economics) or Computer Engineering (Computer network Administration, Multimedia and Internet Technologies).

Press on each programme to find more information about the courses.


You can choose whether to work with full time or extended studies and distance learning* students.

*Our college uses Virtual Learning Environment - VLE, where the lecturers can upload their course material. It is possible to place different types of files, links to online resources, to develop tests that interact with students in real time and so on. For communication with students in real time lecturers have access to video lectures using Adobe Connect system. With the help of this system students can directly present their work (the student has the opportunity to show prepared presentation, done task, explain how it was performed, etc.). Up to 200 students can participate in one lecture.

The whole "process" is as follows: lecturer uploads the material into VLE, which students can access and view at any time of the day.

Along with the learning material student has a handbook to follow, is the instruction how to find all required information –schedule of the lectures and tests, how to follow the study material, assessment rules. Next to studies in VLE direct lectures in real time can be conducted. During on-line lectures teacher not only teaches the material, but also gives advice to students, answers their questions. Students in turn provide the works. Lectures are being recorded for those who can not attend the lecture to watch it later.

The exam can also be carried via the VLE or directly on the Internet via video lecture system.

Research conducted at Northern Lithuania College covers the following areas:

  •   Applied researches for businesses, public sector bodies, and other organizations;
  •   Professionals’ need in labour market analysis studies;
  •   Internal study quality research.

Research for the development of scientific knowledge (scientific works, publications, conference reports, teaching materials, etc. are developed on their basis).

  • Knowledge management in modern society.
  • Marketing and its management in regional businesses.
  • The need for the promotion of innovation in Northern region of Lithuania.
  • International migration.
  • Sustainable regional development.
  • Digital information management and processing technologies.
  • Distance teaching (learning) informational technologies.
  • Legal business environment.
  • Legal social security environment.