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Tilžės str. 22, LT-78243 Šiauliai, LITHUANIA


From Vilnius airport:

Options for trip from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Siauliai (Lithuania) ~300 km

1. Take a taxi = ~200 Eur

2.  Take a train = ~1 Eur (from Vilnius airport to Vilnius railway station), take a train  (from Vilnius railway station to Siualiai railway station)=~10 Eur.

3.  Take a train=~1 Eur (from Vilnius airport to Vilnius railway station), enter outside the building,  cross the street  i.e. you will see Vilnius Coach station, take a bus  (from Vilnius coach station to Siauliai Coach station).

From Riga airport:

Options for trip from Riga (Latvia) to Siauliai (Lithuania) ~150 km.

1. Take a taxi = ~100 Eur

2. Take a bus = ~12 Eur (from Riga airport to Siauliai coach station).

Way by bus from the Siauliai coach station (Saules Miestas) to Northern Lithuania College (Siaures Lietuvos kolegija):

Bus             No. 3 (till  „V. Grinkevičiaus“ stop);
Buses         No. 7 and 21 (till „Dainų poliklinikos“ stop);
Buses         No. 12 and 29 (till „J. Sondeckio“ stop).

From mentioned bus stops the College is in the range of visibility.

Autumn semester

  • September 12th - January 13th

Spring semester

  • February 6th - June 9th
Pass/fail system Marking system ECTS Grade Definition




10 (Excellent) A Excellent performance, outstanding knowledge and skills
9 (Very good) B Strong performance, good knowledge and skills
8 (Good) C Above the average performance, knowledge and skills
7 (Highly satisfactory) D Average performance, knowledge and skills with unessential shortcomings
6 (Satisfactory) D Below average performance, knowledge and skills with substantial shortcomings
5 (Sufficient) E Knowledge and skills meet minimum criteria
Fail 1, 2, 3, 4 (Insufficient) F Knowledge and skills do not meet minimum criteria/below minimum criteria

Following the Law on Higher Education and Research of the Republic of Lithuania Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions on 1 September, 2011 moved to a new system for calculating the credits - ECTS. ECTS credit allocation based on the student workload. A study credit system is used to measure the volume of studies at the Northern Lithuania College. A credit is a unit of study volume used to measure learning outcomes and the hours of student work required to achieve them, i.e. credit is based on the student workload needed in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. The study results measured in study credits are coupled with the study cycles and fields, while their objectives are described in study programmes. The estimated student work volume is 27 hours per one study credit.

The usual length of studies is measured in years. One academic year is 1600 hours.

The usual volume of one year and one semester of full-time studies are 60 and 30 credits, respectively.

60 ECTS credits are allocated to the workload of full-time academic year, 30 ECTS credits are normally allocated to a semester.

According to the Lithuanian legislation all foreign applicants have to submit the proofs of their qualifications being recognized in Lithuania. The qualification documents have to be evaluated by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education in Lithuania (QAC) and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

For more information, please contact:

Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Eduacation (SKVC)
Address: A. Gostauto str. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 210 4772


Information on Assessment of Qualifications in Lithuania:

Note the evaluation and recognition of the qualification does not guarantee admission at Vilnius University. There are quatas for International applicants.