On-Line studies | Northern Lithuania College

Online studies let you easily access the curriculum not going to college, but using information communication technologies. During online studies you can communicate with teacher and peers in synchronous and asynchronous way.

Online studies are set of study modules, which are adapted and accredited for online studies. Learner can access the study material, communicate and collaborate with peers, do assignments, pass exams (permission of study department is needed), ask questions, provide feedback and get the support online. 

There are several study programs, which are adapted to online studies at Northern Lithuania college. Currently, the University offers the following online study programs: nuoroda į mūsų studijų dalykus (in LT).

Blended learning methods are often used at Northern Lithuania college too. Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with online learning activities. There is a possibility to accredit study module as blended learning module, when 50% or more contact time is realized online or 50% or more curriculum is available in virtual learning environment.
The curriculum of all online study modules is available in VMU Moodle virtual learning environment.

Have basics of digital literacy
Have computer or tablet with internet
Materials for studies 24/7 online
You have motivation
You can choose a pace of study
If you have disability
if you are working and busy
if you raising children
If you are living abroad