International Projects | Northern Lithuania College


Northern Lithuania College is an active member in implementing international and national projects. The achieved project results promote the improvement of study quality, innovation, and creation of engaging learning environment.

Implemented projects and developed various social initiatives give Northern Lithuanian College  community appropriate opportunities to contribute to the development of innovations, to apply up-to-date and modern methods in a study  and learning processes, to establish social responsible and knowledge-based society, and to stimulate positive changes to the public.

During its existence, Northern Lithuania College has implemented projects which the results have influenced the study conditions for students, given opportunities to visit foreign countries for them, to adopt best practices and raise qualification of lecturers and staff, as well as promote the synergy of business and science.


Northern Lithuania College actively use opportunities given by Erasmus+ programme. It supports transnational partnerships among Education, Training, and Youth institutions and organisations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of Education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps we are facing in Europe. Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth; it will for the first time provide support for Sport. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the Education, Training, Youth, and Sport sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules.

Students do their Erasmus studies and internships in G. Britain, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Turkey and other European countries every semester. Erasmus+ programme gives chance for teachers and administrative staff increase their professional competences and to take part in International weeks or to visit universities in different countries every year.


The aims of International Relations and Projects department:

  • To develop the department as an open, dynamic department;
  • To initiate new projects; 
  • To organise implementation of the confirmed projects; 
  • To represent Northern Lithuania college  internationally and locally; 
  • To seek for more active participation of students and lecturers in project activities; 
  • To start the relations with international organisations for joint project activities and to maintain the already existing ones;


Project title and no.



Project Outcomes

„The promotion of International activitiies in Northern Lithuania college“



To prepare qualitative research about quality of international internships in Northern Lithuania college.

 „Siauliai – friendly city“


Siauliai S. Sondeckis Art school

 The aim of the project to organize art workshops for Siauliai citizens.

Under My Wings: Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship (Nr. 527607-LLP-1-12012-1-IE-LEONARDO-LMP)


SYNTHESIS Centre (Cyprus), University of Paderborn (Germany), TTG Team Training GmbH (Germany), Innoventum Oy (Finland),  Meath Partnership (Ireland), Future In Perspective Ltd (Ireland), Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta), Instituto de Formación Integral  (Spain) University of Barcelona (Spain).

The aim of the project is to support the career progression of graduates from non-business related disciplines as entrepreneurs

"Trainings for students representative"



The goal of the project is to organize trainings for students representative about successful work in group.

"Professional Orientation"



The goal of the project is to organize trainings for teachers who are working with students in distance. And to prepare methodological tool about creating quiz in Moodle system.

Dreamy Future in My Hands”


“Assicuazuibe Turistica pro Petralia Francesco Tropea” (Italy), "Crooked House Theatre Company” (Ireland), “Het Schienvat” (The Netherlands), "Tmelník” (Czech Republic), “Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia” (Spain).

The project will involve nations/cultures with problems of youth unemployment, but with great potentiality compared with countries that count on the sustainable model of green economy.

Modernization of  Vocational Career guidance, Information and advisory service

 (Nr. BPD2004-ESF-2.4.0-03-05/0159)


Vilnius university

Organised trainings for vocational guidance specialists.

Northern Lithuania College practical training centre with innovative infrastructure

(Nr. VP3-2.2-ŠMM-15-K-01-005)



Practical training centre, information system, virtualisation services were established in Northern Lithuania College.

Career education and career  models’ monitoring development and implementation for university students

(I phase) (Nr. VP1-2.3-ŠMM-01-V-01-001)


Vilnius University Career Centre, 12 Lithuanian universities,  15 Lithuanian colleges

Specialists‘professional development.

Economics and Business Management I graduate degree programs students placement model in manufacturing sector based on the WIL methodology (UNIWIL)

(Nr. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K-01-005)


Siauliai university, Siauliai State College, UAB „Elga", UAB „Kalvis", UAB „Putokšnis", UAB „Reklamos kontaktai", UAB „Ruvera", UAB „Šiaulių knygrišykla", Siauliai NGO confederation

Developed placement model in manufacturing sector and methodical recommendations.

I will be IT Engineer

(Nr.  5-561)


Siauliai “Romuva”, “Saulėtekis”, Lieporiai, J.Janonis, and Siauliai university gymnasiums

Five mobile ICT project works exhibitions were organised in Lithuanian secondary schools.

Systematic improvement of teachers' skills in order to seek the study of educational innovation  (EDUKOM)

(Nr. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K-01-088)


Siauliai state college, West Lithuania Business College

Created teachers‘ professional development model.

Virtual Media workshop

 (Nr. MTP-2013-06-14-00097)


Siauliai Lieporiai, S.Šalkauskis, S. Daukantas gymnasiums and  Radviliškis Lizdeika and Vaižgantas gymnasiums

Workshops and 5 exhibitions organized in Lithuanian secondary schools in order to improve using new technologies.

Preparation of  Methodology of Interactive quizzes in virtual environment for vocational guidance specialists

 (Nr. EG-2014-P(PO)-42)




Methodical tool how to create e-learning quizzes has been prepared. Workshops for specialist were organized in order to improve their e-learning competences. .

The Creation of the Methodical of Preparation and Evaluation of the Final Project of IT Engineers

(Nr. LT/06EX/1/1091

2007 – 2009

Siauliai state college, University College Vitus Bering (Denmark), Rigas Tehniska Universitate (Latvia).

Created methodological tool for preparation and evaluation of the final project of IT engineers.

Specialists‘, teachers’ professional development.

European Intercultural Self-Efficacy

(Nr. LLP-GRU-MP-2008-LT-00076)


Eide Vo (Norway), Gesellschaft fuer Berufliche Bildgung (Germany), Siauliai Business Incubator,  Kristliga Folkhogskolan I Nykarbley (Finland), KEK-INE/GSEE (Greece)

Information system about adult education quality and methods in different countries has been created.

Specialists‘, teachers’ professional development.

Finding Innovative ways of Defining and Measuring Quality in Adult Provision for Socially/Economically Disadvantaged adult Learners

(Nr. LLP-GRU-MP-2009-LT-00097)


County Galway Vocational Education Committee (Ireland), Knockanrawley Resource Center (Ireland), ISOP (Austria), Stiching Basisberaad (Nyderlandai), Foreningen Mareborgs folkhogskola (Sweden), Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex (Great Britain ), Justus-Liebig Universitat Gieben (Germany), Centrum voor volwassenonderwijs Hoger Instituut der Kempen (Belgium), CFPIMM (Portugal)

The aim of the project was to find innovative ways of defining and measuring quality in adult education. The toolkit system to measure a quality of adult education has been created. 

Specialists‘, teachers’ professional development

New Approaches to Immigrant Language Learning

(Nr. AD-2010_1a-21632)


Jalasjarvern kunta (Finland), Academia (Sweden), MR University (Iceland), Mimir (Iceland) Siauliai Business Incubator.

Curriculum for teaching immigrants international language has been created.

Specialists‘, teachers’ professional development.

Women Technology Entrepreneurs

(Nr. 502127-LLP-1-12009-1-IE)


Meath Partnership (Ireland), FWE (Malta), ELC (Austria), Future Missions (Finland), IFI (Spain), European Prospectus (Greece), AD IT (Latvia).

Curricula that meet the needs of women seeking career opportunities as technology entrepreneurs was created and developed.

European Glossary for Vocational Educational and Training

(Nr. LLP-LdV-PRT-2010-LT-0131)


Maltepe Kiz Tehik ve Teslek Lisesi (Turkey), Karabuk Belediesi (Turkey), IBM Turk (Turkey), Gorseinon College (Great Britain), ETIC (Portugal), Zespol Szkol Nr 1 im. Jana Pawla II (Poland), Instituto Professionale di Stato per Servizi Alberghieri e Della Ristorazione (Italy),  Grup Scolar Agricol Tandarei (Romania), EPAL Katerini (Greece), Lycee Professionnel Charles Tillon (France).

Created innovative tools for people who belong to social disjuncture groups to learn English language.

Specialists‘, teachers’ professional development.

Valorising Your Potential – Making Adult Learning Visible

(Nr. LLP-GRU-MP-2011-LT-00162)


Volkshochschule region Lüneburg (Germany), Associazione "Il Laboratorio" (Italy), Oslo Voksenopplæring Sinsen (Norway), Fagforbundet  -Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (Norway), Kristinehamns folkhögskola (Sweden), Kvindedaghøjskolen, Center for Livskomptencer (Denmark), Thüringer Volkshochschulverband. (Germany).

The aim of this project was to plan to discuss existing methods and tools used in each country to measure non-formal and informal learning as well as to valorise it.


„Be strong – be healthy“




The goeal of the project is to organise signseeing tour around Siauliai district.

„The promotion of phycical activities in Northern Lithuania“




The goal of the project is to organize trainings and seminars based on sport activities.

DAMA Network (Nr. NPHE-2013/10081)


Malmo University (Sweden), University of Lapland (Finland), Turku University of applied science (Finland), Iceland Academy of arts (Iceland), Estonia academy of Arts (Estonia), RPIVa (Latvia), Akureiri University (Iceland), Danish National Scool of Theatre and Contemprorary Dance (Denmark), Gotland University (Sweden), Viljandi Culture Academy (Estonia).

Organize workshops, annual courses, seminars where participate students from all kinds of disciplines and fields under art and design: music, performance, fine arts, graphic design, industrial design, media, theatre and dance.

„Baltic Sea Region Studies Network“ (Nr. NPHE-2014/10379)


University of Latvia (Latvia), Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia), Uppsala University (Sweden), Tartu University (Estonia), Aleksanteri Institute in Helsinki (Finland).

The goal of the project is to organize workshops (autumn and spring schools) “Different Ways of Modernisation in Russia and Baltic Sea Region” and “Gender and Human Security in Baltic State Region”.