Erasmus + | Northern Lithuania College

Northern Lithuania College would be very glad to host you for Erasmus study or placement mobility. We have 6 study programmes:
• Business Management
• Event Business Management
• Law
• Economics of Financial Institutions
• Multimedia Technologies
• Computer Network Administration

Course list for Erasmus students varies each year for each semester, for 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter semester students can choose courses form this course list (Fall semester) and course list (Spring semester) you found courses suitable for you, first what you need to do is to check if our institutions have bilateral agreement. If yes: follow the application procedure and don’t miss the deadlines.
If no: inform your Institution’s International Office about your wish to study at Northern Lithuania College, officers can contact our Erasmus coordinator Rasa Lopetaitė regarding the bilateral agreement.

Autumn semester starts from 8th September till 15th January

Spring semester starts from 9th February till 15th June.

Application dead lines

Autumn/Winter semester – 20th June
Spring semester                – 15th December

There is a short and simple way we should go through before your arrival to Northern Lithuania College:


Fill in  “ERASMUS student application form” (Find it in "Document package");


Write your CV in English (Find the template of CV in "Document package");


Ask your studies department for Transcript of Records (EN) of the courses you’ve taken before your application;


Read Accommodation Reservation Conditions and fill in the form if applicable (Find it in "Document package");


Make a copy of your national student ID card and passport.


Send all mentioned documents to Northern Lithuania College International Relations department:
a) by e-mail: OR  by fax: +370 41 525 100


b) by post:  To Rasa Lopetaitė
International Relations and Projects Department
Northern Lithuania College
Tilzes str.22,
LT-78243 Siauliai, Lithuania

Ask your studies department for your record list that you obtained prior to application.

Note. Your application is completed when all these documents are sent to:
Northern Lithuania College
International Relations and Projects Department
Tilzes str. 22,
LT-78243 Siauliai

Accommodation reservation conditions:
The International Relations and Projects Department arranges accommodation and guarantees your reservation. Its staff helps international students finding private accommodation.

You must submit the accommodation reservation form to us until June 30th for the autumn semester and December 9th for the spring semester. Incomplete and/or unsigned forms cannot be considered. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed for applications submitted less than 6 weeks prior to your arrival.

The average monthly rent will be around 120 € / month (living alone in the room, half of a price sharing the room with other person). The College can be easily reached by bus within 15 - 20 minutes.

If despite submitting the application you have found accommodation on your own, you have to immediately inform us by e-mail.

If you plan to find accommodation yourself, or if you already have found accommodation, please DO NOT FILL IN the form.

Please send your application by fax +370 41 525 100
or scanned copy by e-mail
and mail:
International Relations and Project Management Department
Tilzes str.22, Room 211,
LT-78243 Siauliai, Lithuania