Projektas „SalesLabs“ | Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegija

SalesLabs for employability competencies development/ SalesLabs No: LLI-184


Youth Unemployment is becoming one of the major problems of Modern Society. The Relevance of Education to the labor Market is still a Challenge. Entrepreneurs are looking for employees with work Experience in a particular area, but young people often miss it during the Studies. In Result they face significant Difficulties starting their first Employment.

The target groups of the project are students of both, Rezekne Technology Academy and the Northern Lithuania College, their teaching lecturers, as well as entrepreneurs who are developing new Products. 

The project will introduce a new - Problem based Methodology for training in the real Business environment. That will be based on 10 advanced Study Courses and 20 Company products in each country (20 Study Courses and 40 Companies in total). The practical studies will focus on the Commercial Practices, the Problems and needs of Products commercialization to the Markets. Groups of Students will work on development Proposals and presenting their Ideas to Entrepreneurial Community. Additionally Life-long learning course and appropriate Study Infrastructure will be launched. 

As a result, young people will experience real working environment, introduce with new products, have cross-border networking and add new friends. Graduates after Studies together with specialization Diploma of will acquire such an important Working Experience, which will help them with Job recruitment.